Every brand can be GREAT.

We believe all brands (and the people behind them) possess greatness, it just needs to be uncovered, dusted off, and put on display.

We are a branding and digital agency that provides:


We look at an organization holistically to bring insights that have a profound impact.

Ideas without

If we're going to help unstick or move you forward, we start with everything on the table.

that Inspires

Insights and ideas only take you so far, eventually this stuff needs to actually get done.

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Sameness = Lameness

We're collectors of people, histories, and experiences. There is no Bamboo archetype except to seek out people who are hungry to make an impact and who play well with others.

Meet the Team
CJ Alvarado
Dustin Ljung
Laurey Kiehne
Jake Elia
"From the moment we partnered, to the latest scores of industry awards... the symbiotic fusion of collaborative creativity, storytelling, and epic imaging has been a critical foundation point of dynamic shift in our brand development."
—Craig Amazeen, SVP Broadcast/New Media & Brand Development, Sacramento Kings
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